Mia’s Word Copter

Dodge a pesky bumblebee or steer clear of a gust of wind! Test your pilot skills in four different environments. Use Mia's Word Copter to collect letter tiles and create words — the more words you find, the more points you win! This arcade-style game is suitable for children ages 5 and up. While made for kids, it's also perfect for the young at heart.

Fly Mia's Copter through four different types of challenges.
  • The Alphabet: (Ages 5 to 7) Find the missing letter in an alphabet sequence 
  • Missing Letters: (Ages 7 to 9) Find the missing letter or letters of a word. 
  • Word Finder: (Ages 7 and up) Fly around and collect letters to make words. 
  • Word Master: (Ages 9 and up) Think up words of a specific length.
Mia’s Word Copter

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